Zero emission railways

CO2 emissions from trains in Norway originate from railway lines that have not been electrified. With green hydrogen, emissions can be cut to zero also here. Together with the company Onrail, Norwegian Hydrogen will work on realizing this potential.
Zero emission railways

Photo: Leif J. Olestad

Onrail currently operates freight trains between Oslo and Åndalsnes/Rauma and will during 2022 start operating a new freight train between Fauske and Oslo with five weekly departures in each direction.

Onrail and Norwegian Hydrogen have entered into a co-operation agreement which means that they will make a joint effort to clarify the technology available and what is technically possible when it comes to using hydrogen as an energy carrier on Norwegian railways. The transition to the use of hydrogen on trains requires innovation and we are committed in this project to drive the development of technical solutions forward.

Rauma line will be the first pilot for the project. Norwegian Hydrogen have secured areas for production of green hydrogen in Rauma and have great ambitions to help cut emissions by delivering green hydrogen to the railway.