Provaris Energy NH2
Prefeasibility Study identifies low-cost green hydrogen export from Norway to Europe
In January 2023, Provaris and Norwegian Hydrogen entered a collaboration to bring together the skills, experience and ambitions of both companies to accelerate the development of a hydrogen value chain covering large scale production and export of hydrogen from the Nordics to the key ports of Europe. Completing the pre-feasibility study has identified a low-cost project for exporting green hydrogen from Norway to Europe using Provaris’ compressed hydrogen floating storage and carriers.
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Hellesylt project
Ready for construction start at Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub
Hellesylt will soon play a central role in the production of green hydrogen in Norway. Norwegian Hydrogen and PEAB K. Nordang AS have now signed a contract for the total enterprise of the completion of Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub. This is the last important contract for the project, and thus everything is in place for the start-up of green hydrogen production at the end of this year.
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Quantron, Norwegian Hydrogen and Vireon
Norwegian Hydrogen closes deal with billion NOK potential
Growth company Norwegian Hydrogen has partnered with German cleantech company Quantron AG to become a strategic partner in Quantron´s Clean Transportation Alliance and support the unique Quantron-as-a-Service offering for customers in the transport and logistics industry. Norwegian Hydrogen is a preferred partner for Quantron throughout the Nordic region and in Norway, the collaboration is even closer.
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Vireon refueling stations
Vireon AS to become the largest supplier of hydrogen for heavy transport in the Nordics.
Norwegian Hydrogen is establishing a new subsidiary named Vireon, aiming to become the largest operator of hydrogen refueling stations for heavy transport in the Nordics.
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GrønGas Hjørring
Norwegian-Danish cooperation for green production of liquid biogas
Norwegian Hydrogen and energy entrepreneur Jens Peter Lunden enter into ground-breaking collaboration on wind power, electrolysis and liquid biogas (LBG). H-TEC SYSTEMS will deliver PEM-electrolysis technology to the new joint venture.
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H2X Global and Norwegian Hydrogen
New collaboration to decarbonize commercial transport fleets in the Nordics
H2X Global partners with Norwegian Hydrogen in the decarbonization of commercial transport fleets through the offering of a total ecosystem for the supply of hydrogen, refueling stations & commercial vehicles.
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Delegation from Norwegian Hydrogen visited the location on Lundbygatan
Norwegian Hydrogen receives SEK 20 million to build hydrogen fueling stations in Sweden
Norwegian Hydrogen has received SEK 20 million in grants from the Swedish Energy Agency for the construction of a hydrogen filling station in Visby on Gotland. “Another important milestone for us," says Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director for refueling in Norwegian Hydrogen.
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HydRe founders
Norwegian Hydrogen acquires Finnish hydrogen refueling company HydRe Oy
Finnish hydrogen refueling company, Hydre Oy, have been acquired by Norwegian Hydrogen AS of Norway. – We will be the leading hydrogen refueler for heavy duty vehicles in the Nordics, says Per Øyvind Voie, the company’s managing director for refueling.
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Northern Xplorer
New Norwegian consortium sets sights on developing complete hydrogen value chain for maritime sector
The multidisciplinary collaboration, for which a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed last week, has the ambitious goal to develop a complete hydrogen value chain for Northern Xplorer’s first zero-emission cruise ship featuring fuel cells and electric propulsion, as well as making pollution-free hydrogen available to the wider maritime market at a time of urgent pressure to reduce emissions.
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